Manpower, Personnel & Training

CBAIA Delivers Expert Manpower, Personnel, and Training (MPT) & Human Systems Integration (HSI) Support

CBAIA is a recognized expert in the Human Systems Integration and Manpower, Personnel and Training fields. With staff expertise going back to 1989, CBAIA personnel have performed and lead manpower, personnel and training determination projects for Joint Service organizations, the Coast Guard, Navy, and the Marine Corps.

CBAIA staff members have completed workload and training requirements determination studies and planning on Electronic Warfare Systems, Command, Control, Communications, and Computers (C4), Aircraft (MV-22, SH60), Ships, Submarines and Support Structures, and Intelligence systems. CBAIA has a proven track record – performing services on time and on budget.

The MPT process ensures that the Marine Corps is prepared to properly train and staff the equipment and weapon systems that are used to support combat operations.

CBAIA has accomplished retired Marines and Navy analysts on staff who conduct detailed analyses of each of the factors listed below:


  • Mission, System, Function decomposition
  • Workload, Wartime / Peacetime requirements
  • Officer / Enlisted / Civilian, Force Structure
  • RAM Analyses
  • LSAR GEIA-STD-0007 Relational Database

Human Factors Engineering

  • Human Performance
  • Human Computer Interface (HCI)
  • Error Avoidance
  • Top Down Analysis
  • Usability Maintainability
  • Maintainability Accessibility


  • Classification, Skill SET
  • Manning Concepts

DOTMLPF Analysis of Alternatives

  • Requirements Analysis
  • Concept of Employment
  • Concept of Operations
  • Baseline Comparison


  • Training Task Needs Analysis
  • Knowledge, Skill & Abilities
  • Individual and Team Training
  • Most Efficient & Effective Training Methods

Training Analysis

  • Validate Operator tasks
  • Validate Maintainer tasks
  • Validate training tasks
  • RAM Analyses
  • Provide recommendations
  • Support Integrated Product Team (IPT) meeting